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【デモセッション 7月12日12:40-12:55】
スピーカー:Dr Edmund Ang
タイトル:The Blazar®platform for Rapid Broad Spectrum Adventitious Virus Detection

Traditional testing approaches for broad spectrum detection of adventitious viruses of concern in the manufacturing of biologics typically include in vivo and/or in vitro methods that can take up to several weeks to perform, in addition to potential challenges due to test sample suitability particularly with ATMP and other novel modalities.
The Blazar® platform is developed to combine the speed and sensitivity of PCR with the breath of target detection akin to next generation sequencing (NGS). The Blazar® assay is based on degenerate PCR approach to amplify multiple targets within conserved regions of virus families, followed by target specific nested PCR and high resolution amplicon sizing detection, to enable a rapid and highly sensitive detection of panels of viruses of interest in just days. Two Blazar® assays, Rodent Panel and CHO AOF, are already available and a pipeline of other assays in development to advance biologics QC testing.